Off to a Good Start


Day one of this makeover. It went OK - I'm always good about starting out strong. The true test will come in a few weeks because that's when I tend to fold.

One thing I want to do with this makeover is to apply the science of midlife hormones and weight loss, but make it simply. I don't want it to be hard, and it really shouldn't be. It's so cliche to say that it's a lifestyle change, but that's what it is. I was talking with a friend today about her own struggles with weight loss since turning 40. She was explaining her fitness routine and the way that she was taught to workout for fat loss. It was sound science and legit, but what I said to her was that although it might have been the answer once, it's time to try something new because it clearly wasn't working for her now. I can say the same for myself. I'm trying something new because my recent efforts have the scale going in the wrong direction.

But moreso it's the humiliation I'm feeling about my current state of health. Sure, I don't like my aesthetic look. I HATE the belly fat, and yet it won't go away. But, I know that they lifestyle that I'm currently living only feeds it instead of starves it. But, then there are the other issues. I busted a hole in my jeans a few weeks ago. My thighs had finally rubbed the fabric thin enough to break. Sigh. Then there's how I feel. I am tired. I am sad. I have no motivation. That is not OK and not how I want to go moving forward.

So today I started where I knew was a good entry point. I focused on my food and getting a workout in. I'm using the principles right now that I learned in my training with Metabolic Effect. I know I'm a mixed burner type, which means a Zone or Mediterranean diets works well. I tend to lean over to the Paleo-esque side of it too. The focus is on lots of veggies, lean protein, and moderate carbs. Today's menu was:

  • Breakfast: 1 egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with tomatoes, broccoli, and about 1/3 of a baked potato. 2 pieces of uncured turkey bacon.
  • Lunch: Chicken breast on a salad of lettuce, cucumbers, and bell pepper. A little homemade ranch dress (base was greek yogurt). 1/4 avocado on top.
  • Snack: 1 apple with sun butter. Beef jerky
  • Dinner: Chicken Chow Mein w/spaghetti squash noodle.
  • Having a glass of wine while watching Game of Thrones before bed.

My workout got done. It was supposed to be an Oly day but wasn't feeling it. I stupidly signed up for a half marathon in August. A birthday present for my husbands who is a runner. I am not. But, I'm doing my duty and training - basically a Couch-2-Half plan in 20 weeks. I'm using Jeff Galloway's run-walk-run method. So today was 20 minutes of 1 min jog: 1 min walk, and then ended with an additional 20 minutes of just casual walking. Of course, a quick restorative session when I got home. I'm trying to keep my posterior tibialis tendinitis at bay.

So I'm feeling pretty good about day 1. I was tired and did have to lie down for just a bit, but overall am proud for a good start. Minus the wine. 😉

I'm going to stick here for now. I will probably aim to stay gluten-free and mostly dairy-free. I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my half-and-half with my coffee again. Baby steps.

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4 thoughts on “Off to a Good Start”

  1. Well, that’s pretty amazing for a start! Where do you live? It seems like having a workout buddy would be a great idea. I wish I could find a mid-life female buddy who lived near me. I think that would really help me with motivation. Do you have any ideas for me?
    The fact that you are jogging is amazing! I cannot jump, sneeze or jog since giving birth unless I want to wet myself. (Too personal, I know), but a reality for many women who have given birth. So, I walk and hike, but still need a buddy to strengthen other areas.
    Good Luck! I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

    1. bgjones73@gmail.com

      Thank you, Shira! I have a lot of resources that could help you. Can you shoot me an email – beth@bethjonesmovement.com? And not too personal at all. I have another website that I’m building out to help women like us, with tools to help those little “issues” and also to help connect with those midlife female buddies. I totally get that need for companionship with someone who “gets” where you are in life. I wanted to separate my journey from that, for now, to focus on me outside of “work”.

  2. Thank you for your honesty, my friend. I think if we all shared a little more of what’s really going on with the people in our lives, we’d find that we aren’t as alone as we think we are. I’m also turning over a new leaf with eating. This week I was finally ready after processing (as I mentioned) that I’ve been numbing with food and other things a whole lot in the last year. Kind of interesting that as I began to business build and to help others improve their health, mine slipped. But I guess it makes sense because I tend to give everything away and to change and sacrifice myself to help/please others. I’m working on that one too. Thank God for Brene Brown! Huge hug for you. I’m in your corner cheering you on for every decision you make where you choose you.

    1. bgjones73@gmail.com

      Ah, thank you friend! I know you’re doing amazing work on yourself as well. And actually, after what I learned about myself yesterday, we need to chat – we are so similar you and I. And yes, thank God for Brene Brown. Her work has been so healing for me.

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