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Gut Instincts

Gut Instincts One thing I’ve learned over the years is that most pain goes well beyond the physical symptoms, and the many medical approaches just don’t seem to help. They might relieve it for a short period of time, but eventually, the pain breaks through again, and that leads us to another attempt to find …

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Natue Calls

Nature Calls It’s getting to me. As much as I love the time with my kids and our new learning adventure, I miss the “me time”. We talk a lot about how important community is for our health, but just as important is that time for ourselves. When we lose it, many of us suffer …

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That Sounds Like Fun

That Sounds Like Fun That sounds like fun. For years that was the driver for most of my movement and adventures. If it sounded like fun, I was in. Over the years the fun activities began to change to not-so-fun. What started out as something that brought me joy and engaged my playful nature was …

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Move More. Learn More.

Move More. Learn More. I love what I’m creating for my kids. As I scroll through Facebook, I see so many of my friends showcasing their perfect remote learning rooms. Beautifully organized spaces with cubbies and desks. With whiteboard and learning posters on the walls. An exact replica of what is found in most of …

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