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Natue Calls

Nature Calls It’s getting to me. As much as I love the time with my kids and our new learning adventure, I miss the “me time”. We talk a lot about how important community is for our health, but just as important is that time for ourselves. When we lose it, many of us suffer …

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Why Wine?

Why Wine? About six weeks ago I stopped drinking. It’s something we do in our house from time-to-time. We have a break. Usually, it’s around January and then we see how long we can go. January because of the fresh start and my husband and my livers are calling for a break after the weeks …

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That Sounds Like Fun

That Sounds Like Fun That sounds like fun. For years that was the driver for most of my movement and adventures. If it sounded like fun, I was in. Over the years the fun activities began to change to not-so-fun. What started out as something that brought me joy and engaged my playful nature was …

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Dandelion Wishes

Dandelion Wishes I’ve always been drawn to the dandelion. Whether it was twisting the yellow blossoms against my chin as a kid (to see if I liked butter), picking a fluffy white bulb and making countless wishes, or just in image of a single seed drifting in the wind, the dandelion has held a special …

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