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Monday, January 15 PLAY Get on those monkey bars. Hang, swings, or move however you can. One rung or the whole flight. Write down what you're able to do today so you can compare your improvement over time. RESTORE Complete 1-3 Circuits throughout your day ALIGN: Head Hang MOBILIZE: Windmills STRENGTEN: Hanging

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Breaking the Chains of Pain

My husband is a runner. Right before we got married, we decided it would be fun to train for and run a 5K together. I barely got through the race, but from that point on, my husband was hooked. Over the past 9 years he's moved into half and marathon training, with an eye on

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Are You Intentionally Breaking Yourself?

I attended a workshop last weekend to learn more about Hypropressives and Low Pressure Fitness. I'm sure I'll be writing more about those techniques soon, but today I wanted to focus on something that ruffled my feathers while I was there.   By now most of us have heard about the increasing cases of women

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Daily Play Circuit 1

20 Minute Circuit 12 Reps of Each Exercise. Complete Rest-Based Training Style: Squat and Press Static Squat + Alternating Shoulder Press Burpees + Pushup (incline OK) Hip Bridges

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Mommy Date Chronicles – Halloween

Oh, it's that wonderful time of year. Those of us with preschool and school-aged kids are doing our mom-duties of making the rounds of class Halloween parties. My daughter's was today. We moved to a new area of town late last summer, and we're all looking to make new friends - my son, my daughter

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who i was back then

We're having family pictures taken tomorrow… I found out on Tuesday (it's Friday) that this was going to happen. If you know me in real life, you know that my fashion statement revolves around hoodies and sneakers, with my hairstyle as casual. I should also mention that we haven''t had family pictures in almost 5

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Is Your MINDSET Holding You Back?

Do you ever have those weeks where the universe is pulling you to do something? That's my week -- but I'm being called to write. I've been meeting with clients this week at my home studio which is super fun for me. I've also been engaging in some conversation with other moms and trainers on

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Resolutions. About this time of year many of us start to look to the new year and think about what we want accomplish. I'm no different, and yet I've always struggled with writing down resolutions for myself that actually matter. I mean sure, we all have the "lose 'x' pounds", eat better, etc. But really,

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