The Moment You Change

June 27, 2019

We all have it, and some of us have it multiple times in our lives. That moment when we say that we’ve had enough. Enough of living the way we are and wearing our current mask. That moment when you’re tired and beaten down and just can’t stand the person you’ve become. I’m there now. I can’t handle this person who is in my head right now. The need to “do” and “make something of myself”. The person who is constantly hurting, but there’s no specific reason for the pain. The person who is stuck and afraid to reinvent and move on. I can’t handle it anymore and I have to live and make the change.

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May 9, 2019

Intuition. It’s something that I’ve relied on to guide me for most of my life – especially my early adult life when I was choosing a career, a partner, and those other giant decisions that rule our lives as young adults. For the most part my gut has served me well, but I never really understood why. I just assumed everyone was driven a bit by the emotions that they felt.

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Old Habits Die Hard

April 29, 2019

I have a confession – I hate eating most days. I find that I often have no desire to eat and the process of thinking about what I’m going to eat exhausting. If you know me or have seen me recently, you might be saying, “how can that be, Beth? You have a bit of a tummy on you – wouldn’t think that would be the case for someone who hates to eat.” And there lies the rub. The bane of my existence right not is my belly. I’m all about body positivity and self-love, and I do not hold others’ body shapes against them. But I do have a problem with loving my own shape and those roots grow deep. I’ve tried over the years to have that perfect but I usually end up sabotaging my efforts along the way. One of these methods of self-sabotage that I prefer is the binge.

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Drying Out

April 23, 2019

A few weeks into my makeover and I’ve already fallen farther than before. Boy, do I feel like crud this morning. It’s of my own doing. My husband and I have started ending our days by catching up on Game of Thrones (we decided to re-watch the entire series from episode 1 before moving into the final season) and having a glass of wine – or about 2.5 – while doing so. This means too much wine and late nights, and it’s causing me to wake up totally beat and unmotivated. It has to stop.

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Feeling Too Much

April 19, 2019

I found out recently that there’s a reason for why the mountains call me, well beyond just that nature is awesome I wouldn’t be surprised if all people felt this way. For me it turns out that I’m an empath. I mean, I had heard of that before, but I didn’t separate the label from the fact that I know I’ve always been an empathetic person in general. I’ve been able to connect to people, understand their paint of view very clearly and explain it to others. But what I feel goes beyond basic empathy and effects my entire being.

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Off to a Good Start

April 16, 2019

Off to a Good Start Day one of this makeover. It went OK – I’m always good about starting out strong. The true test will come in a few weeks because that’s when I tend to fold. One thing I want to do with this makeover is to apply the science of midlife hormones and …

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The Start of Something New…

April 15, 2019

Enough is enough. I have to get out of this. I need my own Midlife Makeover and that’s what I’m going to try to do. I’m suffering from the same complaints that many of my friends and clients do. I’m ready to own my message. To start walking my talk and applying my own techniques to myself. About time, right?! I’ve actually wanted to do this for a long time. A little self-study. I don’t know who will relate to this, but I’m much better at trying help others overcome their issues than help myself. It’s much easier to project “what I would do” onto someone else and support them through the process than to encourage myself down the same path of recovery. Why do I self-sabbatoge? I don’t know, but it’s something to explore. Not to sound cliche, but it does have a lot to do how I was brought up and my experiences that I had when I was younger. I’m not blaming anyone for those, but they are experiences that I need to let go of, because they are not helpful to me now in midlife.

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